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Daylight Clip-On Spectacle Magnifier

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
  • Get precisely the magnification when you need it and flip up the lens when you don’t
  • Clip the lightweight frame to your glasses, select the lens and see all the intricate details with needle-sharp clarity
  • Unique box set of four lenses and clip
Product Description
The Clip-On Spectacle Magnifier is new from daylight. It includes 4 lenses and a spectacle clip. These lenses offer 4 ranges of magnification: 1.7X 2.0X 2.5X 3.0X. Flexible clip attaches on to all glasses and spectacles. Each lens can be flipped up for normal viewing. This product will allow you to do your best hands-free detail work. Black…. More >>

Price: $12.17

Replacement Bulb for Compact Daylight Task Lamp

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
  • Bulb is a 13 watt tube
Product Description
Replacement bulb for models U33050, U33051, U33500, U33501, and U33507. 13w energy saving daylight PL tube. The unique Daylight lighting technology not only reduces eye-strain but also helps reduce greenhouse gases by consuming 75% less energy. Simply put, Daylight is better for the environment and for your eyes!… More >>

Price: $12.73