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A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity: A Novel

Friday, December 21st, 2012
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The bestselling author of How to Make an American Quilt transports us to San Francisco in the early 1980s, a magical, fog-shrouded city suffused—as are many of its denizens—with possibility and restless energy. In A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity, Whitney Otto’s charac-ters congregate night after night at a North Beach bar called the Youki Singe Tea Room, their lives conjoined by the bonds of friendship and shared experience. At the Y… More >>

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Remember Me: Women & Their Friendship Quilts

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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This volume takes an intimate look into the lives of eight 19th century women and the quilts that record their joys and sorrow. Signature quilts were popular in the United States from 1840 to 1875, a time when many families were broken up by the Civil War…. More >>